Kusmi Earl Grey Tea

Kusmi Earl Grey Tea


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An unmissable organic black tea with bergamot, the star of teatime!
Earl Grey has now become internationally famous!
Fashions may come and go, but this tea has stood the test of time without aging one bit! And among the leading classics, it is still at the top! Never having tried it is a bit like never having read Victor Hugo or Shakespeare. Or never having sung along to the Beatles or danced to Michael Jackson! For our organic version by Kusmi, we naturally selected the very finest ingredients, including an organic strong black tea and a delicious organic bergamot essential oil sourced directly from Sicily.
To be or not to be organic Earl Grey? What a question! After all, this leading classic is the go-to drink for every teatime!
Countless legends surround this legendary tea. According to one, the English Earl Charles Grey brought it back from a trip to China in the early 19th century. Another claims that Sir Earl Grey received a bergamot as a gift and decided to dip a slice in his cup of tea, while a third suggests that one of the Grey family’s servants was the one to mix the two… One thing is for sure: this tea is simply excellent!

Organic tea available loose because it’s good for the planet.

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Organic strong black earl grey tea and a delicious organic bergamot essential oil sourced directly from Sicily



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