M21 Boysenberry Tea – 24 bags

M21 Boysenberry Tea – 24 bags


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Fruity sweet and tart. California in a cup.
Luxury Ingredients: Black tea, Natural flavors (organic compliant)
Small Batch Blended and Packed in: Canada
Tea(s) From: Sri Lanka
Region(s): Nuwara Eliya + Dimbula + Uva
Antioxidant Level: High
Caffeine Content: Medium
Appearance (Dry Product): Fine cut dried black tea leaves
Color (Dry Product): Predominantly black
Dry Leaf Aroma: Berry notes
Taste: Fruity sweet and tart. California in a cup.
Infusion / Cup Color: Bright and coppery
Shelf Life: 4 Years

HOT BREWING INSTRUCTIONS: Bring filtered or freshly drawn cold water to a rolling boil. Place 1 teabag for each 7-9oz / 200-260ml of fluid volume in the teapot. Pour the boiling water into the teapot. Cover and let steep for 3-5 minutes according to taste (the longer the steeping time the stronger the tea).
*Description and pictures are provided by Metropolitan Tea

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Black tea, Natural flavors (organic compliant)

24 bags


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