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KUSMI TEAS - Tea made in France

From Normandy to the world

Outstanding collection of world-famous KUSMI teas including organic varieties of English Breakfast, Earl grey and Masala teas. The Kusmi story begins in 1867 when Pavel Kousmichoff founded the tea house in St.Petersburg. Success was immediate and Kusmi tea quickly became the favorite of the tsars. In 1917, fleeing the Russian revolution, the Kousmichoff family set up their workshops on avenue Niel, in Paris. The company was bought taken over in 2003 by Sylvain and Claude Orebi.

Kusmi Tea is home to an ongoing revolution. Every fruit is welcome, and everyone as well.
Accessible, delicious, optimistic teas with no fuss or pretention. As Kusmi Tea is made to be shared, it unites novices and connoisseurs around the universal emotion of pleasure.
This is more than tea; creations are revolutionizing the art of blends. Today you can try about 30 types of Kusmi Teas in Canada. Explore our collection below.

Please note Kusmi tea is closing distribution in Canada. We will sell the teas while the quantity lasts.
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