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Fleur Collection of tea gift sets

We partner with amazing Canadian suppliers and distributors to deliver our fresh, luxurious teas to your doorstep.

Below you can shop for gift sets by choosing the brand you like, the type you prefer, or even the benefits you enjoy. Our entire website is devoted to bringing the best loose tea to our Toronto area customers.

Custom gift sets

We can package any tea from she shop collection in custom gift boxes. 

  • You can combine teas from any brands. 
  • The number of teas depends on the final box. Please see examples below.
  • We can add “Thank you”, “Happy Birthday” and “Congratulations” cards to your order!
  • We can package teas in larger deliver boxes and make them look like a gift set! This option is ideal for larger gift sets (5-10 teas).
  • Tea gift sets are available for the rush 1-2 days delivery and local pickup/dropoff.

For custom packaging or tea gift sets, please send us a message and will provide several options to you.

Prepackaged gift sets

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