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In preparation for the Christmas season, I would like to share more information about Kusmi tea gift sets Fleur Palace Tea offers. These sets are crafted by the Kusmi brand and are ready for pick up and delivery. Kusmi teas structure them based on tea types and popularity. The most common sets include the 

1.Originals  (Russian/Russes)

The Kusmi Originals Sampler comes with an assortment of five elegant tins of black tea blends.

2.Green tea set Les Verts – Green Blends

The Green Teas Sampler is an assortment of five green teas in mini tins, perfect for discovering or sharing green teas. Jasmine green tea will delight fans of floral flavors, while our Ginger-Lemon green tea features a tangy, slightly spicy flavor. Imperial Label is a sweet indulgence with its subtle blend of orange, cinnamon and licorice. Rose green tea reveals its delicate flavor slowly, and Spearmint green tea provides a refreshing experience. 

3. Les Moments

The Moments Sampler includes five blends that can be enjoyed all day long!

Russian Morning N°24 with its pairing of Chinese and Ceylon teas, perfect for breakfast; the famous Earl Grey with its fresh taste accented by bergamot oil; Imperial Label green tea with its delicate notes of lemon and sea buckthorn; our classic Jasmine green tea; and the fresh, exotic AquaExotica blend.

4. Les Essensiels

It includes an assortment of five popular teas tins, perfect for discovering or sharing Kusmi Tea’s bestsellers.

English Breakfast and its combination of Ceylon and Assam black teas will delight fans of full-bodied tea, while our popular Russian blend Anastasia (a mix of Earl Grey, lemon, and orange blossom) will enchant with its tangy floral notes. BB Detox, our famous blend of green tea, mate, and grapefruit, is perfect for a wellness tea break, while the refreshing taste of our popular Spearmint Green Tea is a delightful way to end a meal. Aquarosa, an herbal tea made with hibiscus and berries, is a fruity, tangy experience.

5. In the collection, we also have tea bag gift sets showcasing each tea type in a separate tea bag: Full Detox Gift Set, Earl Grey Teas Gift Set (24 Tea Bags), and Wellness Gift Set With 24 Tea Bags are the best choices there.


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